Link4All is a digital service platform developed by MAT, installed on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Link4all provides multiple capabilities for small and medium-sized enterprises as they can, at low cost, utilize mainly the most important of them (Link4all Retail), aimed at the retail market:

Link4all Retail

Once the company's Point of Sales system is interconnected with the service through secure communication protocols, all the transactions carried out are recorded in absolute detail and in real time in the business account of the company. After that the merchant (or any other authorized by him) can, at any time and from anywhere, through a simple and friendly interface:

  • Monitor its sales, its stocks, its current VAT payment obligations, etc.

  • Remotely update the items and customers database, update the messages that are occasionally wished to be printed on the receipts, adjust (if required by the tax administration authorities) VAT rates and perform a significant number of other useful tasks.

  • Issuing Invoice or other sales documents by using a standard form and by extracting the necessary data from this specific merchant's account.

By connecting your MAT Point of Sales terminal to Link4All, a unique in the international retail market Cloud Portal, enables you, through the free of charge application "Link4All mobile", to track in real time, the current and up to 6 days ago sales of your store. To receive more information and service from the Portal, there are subscription packages available for which you can contact the company by clicking here