Most of the engineers in the Company carry more than two decades of experience in the field. They are also very familiar with most of the Fiscal legislation rules applying in different countries around the world.

Up to now the team has developed products complied with the individual specification of the fiscal legislation in Italy, Poland, Greece, Romania, Serbia, FYROM, Cyprus, Malta, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe etc.

The main advantage of company’s R&D is that, thanks to their valuable experience in various sectors, is capable to offer complete solutions extended from a simple fiscal device to a very complicated retail system including software and hardware, server networking capabilities and web server applications.

Through this long experience in secure public revenue systems (fiscal printers, cash registers, Electronic Signature Fiscal devices and PC client / server software), a substantial knowledge base has been created and many technical proprietary solutions have been developed and today belong in company’s R&D portfolio.

MAT is very proud to share its R&D asset with its valuable partners.