About MAT


MAT is a European designer and manufacturer of Retail and Secure Public Revenue Systems (Fiscal devices), based in Greece.  The firm was mainly founded on the high expertise of MICRELEC Electronics executive ex personnel and the Company continues to offer the same excellent quality and highly functional products as MICRELEC did since many years.

MAT has identified key elements and has spent considerable resources in developing innovative products that are targeting specific needs in different countries.  

The Company is vertically integrated and controls all manufacturing aspects plus the design and development.  Controlling all manufacturing aspects translates to superior quality, unparalleled flexibility and high speed in supplying the market with new products.

MAT is mainly specialized in designing, developing  and manufacturing, on behalf of their partners, fiscal terminals  and more particularly,  Fiscal Electronic Cash Registers, Fiscal P.O.S. Printers, Fiscal Electronic Signature Devices(ESDs), Fiscal Taximeters and Fiscal P.O.S. (All in One).  

There is a strong global trend towards using modern technology to collect and audit taxes in all aspects of the economic sector.  Becoming a recognized leader in this expanding field will make MAT both a respected brand as well as a valued partner to high-profile distributors.

With this in mind MAT aims at becoming a world leader in the Secure Public Revenue Systems market.